Poems and Rhymed Prayers by Eberhard Arnold

By Eberhard Arnold

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Rise up, fighters for God’s spirit! Nevermore give way to lies. Press on forward, do not falter, though the Foe in fury flies. Rise and fight in perfect union. Cast away all that divides. Nothing can tear down the church: its radiant purity e’er abides. Pray for eyes to see the truth. May all lies be stripped of force. May God’s word give clarity and make us one – poured from one source. Breslau, September 15, 1907 Reflecting on his vision of a true church, and his determination to fight against worldly distortions, Eberhard indicated to Emmy (September 16) that he was especially taken with the ideal described in 1 Cor.

I am a curse. Though powers of dark increase, God acts, and when the poisonous slime, released, runs off in a torrential stream, the pure, clear waters crest and gleam. God moves: he’s not a steel-hard beam. He is a fire: a steady, glowing gleam. He is where flames leap, flare, and play. He is where fountains burst in spray. God is a spirit: an ever blowing breeze. God is power: he quickens all that breathes. His love is free to all, and true in Christ, who saves, and makes all new. ” P O E M S & R H Y M E D P R A Y E R S : E B E R H A R D A R N O L D 53 Jesus: thou God is our bond.

A rally: turmoil, commotion, noise – pounding drums and blaring brass. At the back, coy girls distract; hoodlums heckle, stare. This force is God, if you believe, even at death’s hour – so till your heart, root out each weed that robs him of his power. Nothing can stop the forward march, the colorful display! Rousing songs hit every street, join the echoing fray. Earth shall be free, for God is might, he sweeps all evil away. The Spirit of radiant joy shall come, and Christ shall lead the way. Words unleash dynamic powers; lightning-like they flash, devoid of form or eloquence – artless, harsh, crass.

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