Hear, see, do by Harrison Buddy

By Harrison Buddy

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The law was in operation. These folks meant well, I'm sure, but what were they doing wrong? They were painting a picture with their words. But the image they were painting was just confusing me. They really didn't know how to use their words to properly instruct me in how to go about receiving the Spirit and allowing Him to speak through me. I was expecting something entirely different to happen, because I had the wrong mental picture of what was supposed to happen and how it was to take place.

Like kids, we don't always hear accurately. And as a result, we wind up with a not-so-clear view of things, many times with a perverted view. We get things all tangled up, all twisted.

The picture is received through the ears and is projected onto the mind. But if our ears (our receivers) are not tuned correctly, then our minds receive a faulty image. Do you know why some people never get filled with the Holy Spirit? They have never heard enough words to produce the correct image in their minds and hearts. Do you know why some people never get healed? Because they have simply never gotten the picture. They have never seen that sickness in their body, never seen the Lord Jesus walk down inside them, take up that disease, bear it on His own back, and walk away with it.

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