Commensurabilities among Lattices in PU (1,n). by Pierre Deligne

By Pierre Deligne

The first a part of this monograph is dedicated to a characterization of hypergeometric-like capabilities, that's, twists of hypergeometric capabilities in n-variables. those are handled as an (n+1) dimensional vector area of multivalued in the neighborhood holomorphic services outlined at the area of n+3 tuples of specified issues at the projective line P modulo, the diagonal part of automobile P=m. For n=1, the characterization should be considered as a generalization of Riemann's classical theorem characterizing hypergeometric features by means of their exponents at 3 singular points.

This characterization allows the authors to check monodromy teams comparable to various parameters and to turn out commensurability modulo internal automorphisms of PU(1,n).

The publication comprises an research of elliptic and parabolic monodromy teams, in addition to hyperbolic monodromy teams. the previous play a task within the evidence fantastic variety of lattices in PU(1,2) developed because the primary teams of compact complicated surfaces with consistent holomorphic curvature are in truth conjugate to projective monodromy teams of hypergeometric features. The characterization of hypergeometric-like services by way of their exponents on the divisors "at infinity" allows one to end up generalizations in n-variables of the Kummer identities for n-1 concerning quadratic and cubic alterations of the variable.

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For an internal normed lattice E, the following are equiva- lent: (1) E is a Kantorovich space; (2) E is a KO"-space; (3) the norm of E is o-continuous; (4) there is no closed su blattice in E isometric and order isomorphic to co. 5. A normed lattice is said to be rich in finite-dimensional sub lattices, if to every finite collection Xl, ... ,X n E 0 E, nEoN, and for arbitrary 0 < c E o~ there are a finite-dimensional sublattice Eo C 0 E and elements YI, . . , Yn E Eo such that the inequality IIXk - Yk II < c holds for all k:= 1, .

8. The question of analytical description for nonstandard hulls is studied in detail for the classical Banach spaces; see [29]. Theorem. ; then E is an ALr-space for r = st(p); (2) If E is an internal ALp-space, with p ~ 1 an illimited element of JR. , then C( Q) is linearly isometric to C(Q), where Q is an external completion ofQ in some uniformity. Only general results of this type can be obtained in axiomatic external set theory. Nevertheless, while working in the frame of the classical stance of nonstandard analysis (for instance, in a finite fragment of the von Neumann universe), a more detailed description is possible for nonstandard hulls.

J;(XI, . , Xk, y) (3 sti3 y) (\lstT1 Xd .. j;(XI, .. ,Xk,y) . <-+ (2) UNRESTRICTED IDEALIZATION PRINCIPLE: (\1st din Zl) ... (\1st Tfin Zk) (3y) (\lXI E Zl) .. j;(X I, ... , Xk, y) (3y) (\1st T1 Xl) .. j;(XI' .. ,Xk, y). 13. To formulate the axiom schema of standardization, we introduce the class §T of T-external formulas , with T a fixed set. p(x, y) belongs to §T. 14. Axiom Schema of Standardization. 15. Theorem. The theory RIST is conservative over ZFC. 16. Comments. 9 is taken from the E.

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