Bella Should Have Dumped Edward. Controversial Views on the by Michelle Pan

By Michelle Pan


The fourth Twilight e-book is out, yet many debatable matters stay unresolved and open to discuss. Now the committed Twihards at argue passionately approximately what quite occurred and what should have happened.

•Who may still Bella have ended up with, Jacob or Edward?
•Should Bella became a vampire?
•Which personality used to be miscast the main within the movies?
•If you may be any Twilight personality, who may you be?
•Which motion picture has stayed more true to the book?
•Which occasion within the Twilight saga used to be the main surprising?
•Should Breaking Dawn have ended with a fight?
•Which character's tale might make the easiest sequel?
•Which vampire energy may you quite have?

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Also it includes many new characters that you never heard of, or had heard of but just hadn’t gotten the details about. In Breaking Dawn, you get to experience whether or not the characters get a happily-ever-after. Can’t Decide! Emily, 17, Georgia I can’t decide between Twilight and Eclipse. I pick Twilight because it introduced everything, a different world and everything. I also pick Eclipse because it explored more of the relationship between Edward and Bella and Jacob and Bella. We were also given background stories on Rosalie and Jasper.

It annoys my friends and me so much, but it fits him. With the wig, he looks like the young, innocent boy who helplessly starts crushing on Bella. When he finally takes the wig off for New Moon, you can tell that both he and the character change. It shows how Taylor adapted to his character, becoming less awkward with his acting. But it also shows how Jacob changes—how the sweet, innocent boy Bella loves turns into a rough, dangerous monster he never wants to be. Before all the physical changes he made to his body, I still thought Taylor would make the perfect Jacob.

During Breaking Dawn many things occur, and Bella gets transformed into a vampire during the birth of their daughter. The only issue is that instead of going straight to a happily-ever-after, they have to face the consequences of Bella’s health and the Volturi. ” Only the reader can answer that question. Breaking Dawn involves a lot of things that nobody has seen before, like a newborn vampire/human child who’s a few weeks old and a werewolf imprinting on a newborn child. How weird can things get?

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