To kiss a frog by Elle James

By Elle James

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With her hand still in his, she stood staring down at the water. Her hair fell in soft curls around her face, softening her features, making her appear vulnerable. The glasses perched on the edge of her nose couldn't begin to hide her eyes. In the bait shop, he'd noted they were the color of Spanish moss. When Elaine fell in the shop as well as on the dock, every one of his protective instincts shot to the forefront. And when he'd lifted her to her feet and into his arms, his body reacted immediately, every blood cell instantly alert.

At least with her new awareness of dangers in the dark swamp, Elaine quit worrying about the water and focused on what human threat might be lurking in that water. Alligators seemed to be the least of their troubles. If the boat they'd heard belonged to the ones responsible for polluting the swamp, what would they do if they found Craig and Elaine fishing for evidence? Her skin chilled in the damp heat. Were they capable of inflicting harm on those who discovered their crime? Specifically herself and Craig?

Spoilsport. Won't even let a man have a little fun. " Craig's voice dripped with sarcasm. "No heart. None whatsoever. Drag me off in the middle of the night to talk to me and won't let me drive. " His uncle belched. " Before they'd gone a mile, Uncle Joe lay fast asleep against the passenger-seat door, snoring loud enough to rival the cicadas. Craig parked the truck in his uncle's driveway. When he got out and opened the passenger-seat door, the inebriated man almost fell out. With an arm hooked under an elbow, Craig helped his uncle into the house and to the kitchen table.

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