The Strange World of Dinosaurs by John H. Ostrom

By John H. Ostrom

Surveys the Age of Reptiles, describing fossil learn and discovery and studying the species and habitats of many historical reptiles.

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This as big as an ordinary-sized chicken. What 0\ iraptor the ver\ tin\ aiiiinal little have known to dinosaur was only about a contrast with the huge brontosaurs that same time during the Jurassic period! The beautifully preserved and complete skeleton of Compsognathus was found in a slab of limestone in Germany. It was very much like its somewhat larger ancestors, such as Procompsognathus. And although smaller, it too probably was very active and chased many smaller lived at the lizardlike reptiles and mouselike mammals for its meals.

But other pelycosaurs like Ophiacodon (o-fee-AK-o-don), Sphenacodon (sfecn-AK-o-don), Varanosaurus (var-AN-o-sawr-us) and Cotylorhynchus (ko-TIE-lo-rink-us) were closely related to a fin is Dimetrodon and Edaphosaurus. Why these other pelycosaurs did not have not known, but a more important question is: Why did any of the pelycosaurs Dimetrodon or Edaphosaurus, we can't this fin was like a fish fin. That might lead us be sure. At first to think that these two animals were swimmers. But, since both Dimetrodon and Edaphosaurus were land animals, their fins most certainly were not used like fish fins.

But more One of these were large crocodilc-Iike animals we will save the phytosaurs for later because interested in the other kinds of thecodonts — called phytosaurs right now we are those which were the ancestors of the dinosaurs. Several of the Triassic thecodonts are so similar to the early dinosaurs in their anatom>' that scientists believe they are closely related to the dinosaurs. \ample, the thecodonts had a diapsid type of skull like the dinosaurian skull. You can see from the pictures here that Ornithosuchus (or-nith-o-SOOK-us), Saltoposuchus (salto-po-SOOK-us) and Scleromochlus (sklair-o-MOKE-lus) were very much like some came later.

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