The SNS-I Front-End and Linac [presentation slides]

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Thus, ring compresses 1-msec pulse to 1-µsec pulse. After 1-msec of injection into ring, 1-µsec H+ beam is extracted in 1 turn and transported to spallation neutron target. High Z spallation target makes 30 neutrons per incident proton. 5 RING HEBT SCL RTBT 0 0 100 200 300 400 Length [m] 500 600 700 800 Chopping of the H- beam is an important requirement for reducing beam loss during beam extraction in the ring. • Beam extraction requires turn-on of fast extraction magnets in • • • • the ring. To avoid beam loss in the ring during extraction, a beam free gap in the ring is provided, which is roughly 1/3 of the ring circumference.

A more powerful pulsed neutron source was needed. Pulsed neutrons have the advantage of allowing time-resolved experiments where the energy of the incident neutrons can be obtained from time-of-flight. A high intensity pulsed source can be obtained by spallation of heavy targets from a pulsed proton beam with kinetic energy of about 1 GeV. Experimenters want about 1-µsec pulses at about 60 Hz with as many neutrons per pulse as possible. What is the best technical approach to produce the desired spallation neutron source has been the subject of several studies and the rf linac-accumulator/compressor ring was chosen.

Cheng R. McGill P. Cull M. Monroy A. Demello D. Oshatz A. Aleksandrov R. DiGennaro D. Peterson P. Gibson L. Doolittle J. Pruyn T. Shea D. Fong A. Ratti M. Stockli D. Garfield M. Regis R. Welton R. Gough J. Reijonen J. Greer D. Ruiz A. Harris T. Schenkel LBNL M. Hoff J. W. Staples ORNL R. Keller D. Syversrud LANL T. Kuneli M. Szajbler M. Leitner W. Tabler LBNL ORNL Additional staff from BNL About half of the FES team with the system nearly completed, April 2002 at Berkeley Lab USPAS 2004: The SNS Front End - R.

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