The Smelliest Day at the Zoo by Alan Rusbridger

By Alan Rusbridger

Slap bang in the course of the most well liked day of the yr, the zoo’s drains have blocked up and there’s nowhere for the animals' poo to head! Mr Pickles the zoo keeper (who is calling fantastically eco-friendly) needs to come to a decision what to do with all of it . . . sooner than the naughty chimps beat him to it!

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Shall I run you a bath?? Chapter 5 The next morning Miss Ingleby, the dung-beetle keeper, received a call from a very flustered-sounding Mr Pickles. s all a disaster!? a little overdramatically, Miss Ingleby thought. You must come now!? Miss Ingleby sighed as she put down the phone. t be more like dung beetles. There was never even a whiff of amateur dramatics from her precious insects. Even if there was that constant slight whiff of a different kind. s office and stopped just for a second to pop something in a matchbox to take with her.

The crocodile eyed Mrs Crumble sorrowfully. She was obviously stark-raving bonkers. He turned round and decided it might be a good time to go back to sleep. Chapter Four Back in his office, Mr Pickles was gazing out of his window, toying with the idea of catching up with the Test Match score. the window shattered, showering broken glass all over the office. What on earth is??? shouted Mr Pickles. But the question froze on his lips. He could see at a glance what was going on. s prize flower beds.

There on the floor was a large, wet, brown pancake, still fresh and steaming. Oh dear,? sighed Mr Raja as he fetched a spade and scooped it all up into a big red bucket. Normally he would have got a high-powered hose and washed the stuff down the drains. But not today. SPLAT! Mr Raja spun round and saw another torrent of brown stuff cascading on to the newly cleaned floor. The rhino blinked at him. Or was it a wink? Mr Raja wondered if he was doing it on purpose. Silly me, thought Mr Raja. m getting all hot and bothered.

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