The Sinister Signpost (The Hardy Boys, Original Series, Book by Franklin W. Dixon

By Franklin W. Dixon

Originally released in 1936, this fifteenth publication within the Hardy Boys sequence maintains the Applewood reissues of those nostalgic classics.

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The boys were shocked. It was bad enough to pay a huge ransom for the stolen race-horse, but to lose the animal after acceding to the kidnappers' demands was a real tragedy. "They sent me letters," explained Mr. Prescott. "They proved to me that they actually had Topnotch in their possession by mentioning a certain hidden mark on his body. I left the money at a place we agreed upon and the horse was to have been sent to the Spur-town track stables by truck. But the crooks doublecrossed me. " "My brother and I could fill in until Dad comes home," offered Frank.

He was the one who screamed. Maybe because he saw me, maybe because the other fellow knocked him down. " asked Bill, wild-eyed. "When the headlights of the truck were turned on me, I was blinded for an instant," replied Frank. "Then he saw me waving my arms up and down," went on Joe. " "Go on," prodded Chet, as the Hardys paused. "I lost my balance," said Frank. "I grabbed for the sill, missed it, and-----" "Fell to the ground," finished Joe. "Scared me to 'death. But when I rushed over to Frank, he was all right.

I might have killed you if-if-----" Frank reached out and took the pistol from his aunt's fingers. He was fearful it might go off. There was no danger, however! It was only a toy gun. Although the joke had been on the boys, they now used it to tease their relative. " Frank asked as he crawled through the window, followed by Joe. "I-I keep it under my pillow-for protection," quavered the lady, furious that her deception had been found out. Joe could not repress a snicker. Aunt Gertrude grabbed the toy pistol from Frank's hand and thrust it under her pillow.

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