The principles and practice of modern house-construction Т3 by G. Lister Sutcliffe

By G. Lister Sutcliffe

Прекрасный справочник в шести томах, содержащий все разделы, необходимые для проектирования и постройки зданий

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And is, moreover, liable to crack with excess of requirements, but is expensive, The best and cheapest form of sink that is at once strong and cleanly heat. \ both in fact and in appearance, is one of salt-glazed earthenware (fig. 27 better kind of sink is made of cream-glazed ware (fig. 274). but is needed. cheap Stone is slightly SANITARY FITTINGS. :;:. The an. I a tendency to wind or twist in the kiln, unless care be taken in selection, the outlet may prove to be at the highest chief defect of these kinds of sinks is point of the sink.

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