The Gremlins Storybook by Mary Carey

By Mary Carey

While Billy forgets to persist with particular directions for care of his unusual new puppy, Gizmo, beastly gremlins pop as much as wreak havoc in town.

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Ied to telephone home, but all the lines were dead. He drove back to Kingston Falls. The smoke from the exploding theater drew him downtown. It was Barney who led him into Montgomery Ward. They showed up just in time to see Stripe splashing around in the fountain. Meanwhile, a little toy car came speeding down the aisle with Gizmo at the wheel. He zipped around the corner on two wheels and crashed into the wa ll. The bubbles on Stripe's hide had swelled and grown. Any second they wou ld burst, and hordes of gremlins would swarm out of the fountain!

Deagle plummeted to the ground. The gremlin on the landing looked out through the shattered window, and giggled. ........ •• •• •• •• •• At first Billy ran to the sheriff's office. There was no one there. Then he thought of Kate. She would be at Dorry's by now. Billy ran home to get his car. He dashed through the snowy streets, and as he passed Mr. Futterman's house he heard an uproar. He did not stop until he reached his car. He yanked open the door and piled in. The drive downtown was a nightmare.

The n, at the worst of mo ments, the car died. It wouldn't start again, and something next to Kate squealed. Kate screamed. " It's o kay! " cried Billy. " Kate saw Billy stow the furry little animal in his backpack. " said Billy. " Next to Dorry's, the bank door was open. Kate and Billy ran for it, ducking low to avoid the flying bottles. But the telephone on the counter inside the bank was dead. " said Billy bitterly. Kate nodded, and she looked toward the street. Suddenly it was quiet. The squealing from Dorry's had stopped.

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