The Enemy of Europe/The Enemy of Our Enemies by Francis Parker Yockey, Revilo P. Oliver

By Francis Parker Yockey, Revilo P. Oliver

This sequel to Yockey's IMPERIUM exhibits that every one wars are relating to politics and the purpose of politics is to acquire energy. Who have been the 'real' winners and losers of the area Wars and who's the enemy of Europe? comprises Revilo P. Oliver's critique, The Enemy of Our Enemies.

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But since forgery and imposture have always been normal Jewish devices, no weight can be given to their claim that Zarathustra was a Jew and wrote in Hebrew. (54) (51. ) (52. ) (53. 4 Reg. ) (54. See the texts translated from the Syriac by Bidez & Cumont, op. , Vol. II, pp. 103-104, 129, 131, and the texts cited in their Vol. I, p. 50, nn. 3,4. At the date it was made, the Jews' claim that Zarathustra was a Jew was doubtless just a normal part of what the authors, apropos of an impudent attempt to appropriate the Etruscans, call "la propagande juive pour imposer aux paiens se croyances" (Vol.

To my mind, that is conclusive. Granting that some of the gathas in the Avesta probably represent statements actually made by the prophet known as Zarathustra, it does not follow that the statements were made in Avestan. ) (49. In the First Century, according to Darmesteter, whom I cited above. e. ) (50. See J. Bidez & F. Cumont, Les Mages hellenis‚s, Paris, 1973 (=1938), especially pp. 35, 88-91; cf. pp. 34, 44. The English translation of Cumont's Oriental Religions now in print dates from 1911, and is naturally less complete than his fourth edition (Paris, 1929); in the translation, he notes that the Zoroastrian texts were in Aramaic, but by an odd slip he speaks in one passage as though the Aramaic-speaking evangelists were Persians, although he must know better.

As Christians do when they embark on holy wars against one another. In the Norse religion, the Aesir and Vanir are united in Asgard, but often at odds with one another, as are the forces of nature to which mortals are subject. The Aryan mind could never, of its own accord, have conceived of so monstrous an inversion of religion as appears in the mad fanaticism of the Zoroastrians, who converted the Aryan gods of the Vedas into fiends, and of the Christians, who converted the gracious gods of the Graeco-Roman pantheon into malevolent devils.

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