Teaching With the Best of Instructor Standards-Based by Terry Cooper

By Terry Cooper

Teacher journal brings you a learning-packed 12 months of actions immediately from the pages of this award-winning journal. packed with hands-on actions and written by means of lecturers for lecturers, this booklet can assist you meet the criteria in all curriculum components and develop your scholars success. contains step by step classes, enticing reproducibles, and worthwhile educating information. construct crucial abilities in studying, writing, math, technological know-how and extra with this mammoth, beneficial source!

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Who traveled the farthest? Who made the most discoveries? Then challenge students with the map Reproducible on page 34. html). On poster board, have each group record their explorer’s dates of exploration and discoveries. ” Invite the groups to decorate their Ask each “stowaway” to record his or her journey on a postcard addressed to a friend or family member. They can write, for example, about the day they set sail, the experience of a storm at sea, or the first time they saw land. Encourage them to use their imaginations and their creative skills, drawing or tracing their own illustrations for the postcards.

I was the first explorer to circumnavigate the globe, in 1577. 4. I journeyed to Florida in search of the Fountain of Youth. 5. I traveled to and claimed Newfoundland for England. 6. I named the Pacific Ocean for its peaceful waves. Magellan ■ 34 Columbus LEARNING ABOUT PAST COMMUNITIES, SOLVING REAL-WORLD MATH PROBLEMS FALL MaYflower Math Voyage into history and math with our shipshape Thanksgiving theme unit, featuring a two-page Mayflower reproducible By Jacqueline Clarke Teaching With the Best of Instr ctor © Scholastic O n September 6, 1620, 102 passengers boarded a 90-foot boat and traveled 3,500 nautical miles over 66 days to find a new home.

Then ask them to illustrate this chain on a large sheet of paper, with a speech bubble drawn beside each animal or plant. Inside the bubbles, have students write a sentence from each organism’s perspective describing how the organism contributes to the chain of life. For example, in a chain of a poppy flower, an Arctic hare, and an Arctic fox, the hare’s speech bubble could say, “I eat poppies. Sometimes I become food for foxes,” while the fox’s bubble could say, “I eat hares, lemmings, and fish.

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