STEM Guides to Cooking by Kay Robertson

By Kay Robertson

Are looking to increase Your Culinary talents? a powerful Math history may also help You do exactly That! Correlates To Emphasis On scholars employing Foundational Math abilities. comprises textual content positive aspects resembling Charts And Graphs.

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Food enables our bodies to grow, breathe, think, and repair tissue. Food provides us with the nourishment that we need to live. Like gasoline for a car, food is your body’s fuel. Can you think of different ways that you use that fuel? 32 Do you have a favorite food? Maybe you said broccoli. Maybe you said chocolate! In a perfect world, broccoli and chocolate would have the same nutritional value. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Some foods are just better for us than others. This is where nutritional labels come in handy.

Did you know that having a strong math background will help you improve your culinary skills? People use math to work with food every day. Recipes are very much like mathematical formulas. This title will allow students to analyze the structure an author uses to organize a text, including how the major sections contribute to the whole and to the development of the ideas.

2. What units are used to measure liquids? 3. What are ingredients? 4. At what temperature should you keep your refrigerator? 5. Where would you look to find the serving size of a can of soup? 48 Comprehension and Extension Activities After reading the book, work on the following questions with your child or students in order to check their level of reading comprehension and content mastery. 1. What information will you find in a recipe? 2. Explain why measuring ingredients is important. 3. What information will you find on a food label?

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