SPSS Amos 7.0 User's Guide by James L. Arbuckle

By James L. Arbuckle

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These changes are visual only; they do not affect the model specification. To Move an Object E From the menus, choose Edit → Move. E In the drawing area, click and drag the object to its new location. To Reshape an Object or Double-Headed Arrow E From the menus, choose Edit → Shape of Object. E In the drawing area, click and drag the object until you are satisfied with its size and shape. To Delete an Object E From the menus, choose Edit → Erase. E In the drawing area, click the object you wish to delete.

Although the computational method used by Amos is highly effective, no computer program that does the kind of analysis that Amos does can promise success in every case. Optional Output So far, we have discussed output that Amos generates by default. You can also request additional output. Calculating Standardized Estimates You may be surprised to learn that Amos displays estimates of covariances rather than correlations. When the scale of measurement is arbitrary or of no substantive interest, correlations have more descriptive meaning than covariances.

But in the present example, the 0 value for degrees of freedom and the 0 chi-square value merely reflect the fact that there was no null hypothesis in the first place. Minimum was achieved This line indicates that Amos successfully estimated the variances and covariances. Sometimes structural modeling programs like Amos fail to find estimates. Usually, when Amos fails, it is because you have posed a problem that has no solution, or no unique solution. For example, if you attempt maximum likelihood estimation with observed variables that are linearly dependent, Amos will fail because such an analysis 37 Estimating Variances and Covariance s cannot be done in principle.

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