Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing by Harry Beckwith

By Harry Beckwith

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Printers, for one wretched example, cannot expect their customers to tolerate service that meets printing industry standards if those industry standards fall below customers’ expectations, which they routinely do. The printers’ customers have been to Disney World, and that experience has raised their expectations. A service that does not jump to meet these rising expectations will have a small revolution and a customer exodus on its hands. Ignore your industry’s benchmarks, and copy Disney’s. The Butterfly Effect In 1963, meteorologist Edward Lorenz announced a stunning conclusion.

But most prospects for these complex services cannot evaluate expertise; they cannot tell a really good tax return, a clever motion, or a perceptive diagnosis. But they c a n tell if the relationship is good and if phone calls are returned. Clients are experts at knowing if they feel valued. In most professional services, you are not really selling expertise—because your expertise is assumed, and because your prospect cannot intelligently evaluate your expertise anyway. Instead, you are selling a relationship.

Cool. Lawyers think the same way. ” Never mind that the brief was equally effective for the client $5,000 earlier. And never mind that the brief covers an issue that might have been avoided entirely through good lawyering. Many architects treasure buildings that are enormously inconvenient for the people who work inside. Still, architects call them great buildings. Quality service produced them. Ask: Who is setting your standards—your industry, your ego, or your clients? Bad News: You Are Competing with Walt Disney I stride into a coffee shop one morning, hopeful.

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