Progress and Disillusion : The Dialectics of Modern Society by Raymond Aron

By Raymond Aron

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Unfortunately, he continued to crush most of the staff and he excused that by saying 'too bad, they asked for it anyway' . I Discussion What do you think? (1) Why did the boss act in this way: (a) towards his secretary? (b) towards staff in general? (2) Did he really know his staff? (3) How secure did he feel? (4) How best do you deal with a bully? (5) How would you introduce a better communications system? People and Work 35 Anticipation What do we mean by anticipation and how does it relate to the business world?

J Defence mechanisms One basic point to understand is that as soon as we feel inhibited, we become defensive and our bodies pick up that message. Muscles tighten up in our stomach, upper part of the back, neck and jaw. This makes the voice sensitive to such tensions and, as a result, it becomes 'thinner'. Our confidence begins to go and this further increases tension until we are incapable of presenting a true picture of ourselves. The all-important breathing The functioning of our voice as an integral part of our whole being is a subject in its :>wn right, and it seems to me to be an interesting and important one for all of us regardless of our motives and our 'inadequacies'.

3) If we are paid a lovely compliment, with words just right, but somehow it all sounds false? (4) Conversely, if something good happens to us and we tell a friend, the happiness is shared when the sincerity of their reaction in words comes through. The words alone are unconvincing. (5) And what about the loud-mouthed attention-seekers who, even if it occurred to them, might not relish a look inside themselves? 44 Count on Confidence The 'soft sell' In business, have you heard the true professional in action selling hislher ideas and/or a product?

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