Philoponus : against Aristotle on the eternity of the world by Aristotle.; Philoponus, John; Wildberg, Christian

By Aristotle.; Philoponus, John; Wildberg, Christian

Philoponus'' treatise opposed to Aristotle at the Eternity of the realm, an assault on Aristotle''s astronomy and theology is worried frequently with the eternity and divinity of the 5th point, or ''quintessence'', of which Aristotle took the celebrities to be composed. Pagans and Christians have been divided on no matter if the area had a starting, and on even if a trust that the heavens have been divine used to be a mark of religion. Read more...


Philoponus' treatise opposed to Aristotle at the Eternity of the realm, an assault on Aristotle's astronomy and theology is worried normally with the eternity and divinity of the 5th point, or Read more...

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11. 2, 269a9-18. 12. Cf. in de Caelo 34,20f. Book I 49 circular motion, which is the celestial , belongs to fire not supernaturally, but naturally. 20 13* Simpl. 13 But the reason is that thinks to infer from this that, even if the heavens move with a circular and simple movement, nothing prevents them - since they are of the same nature as the below the moon - from being perishable like them. 14 Simpl. in de Caelo 36,9-18: Since he has argued a lot against 10 Alexander , who showed that the movement of the firesphere is not simple but composite, a few of these ought to be put to the test.

Diels, Simplicii in Aristotelis Physicorum libros quattuor posteriores commentaria, CAG 10. 41a. The treatise has been edited by A. Delatte, Anecdota Atheniensia et alia, tome II. Textes grecs relatifs a Vhistoire des sciences (Paris 1939), 41. 42. The title is not to be found in the Arabic manuscript but has been supplied by M. Mahdi, 'Alfarabi against Philoponus', Journal of Near Eastern Studies 26(4) (1967), 233-60 in his translation of the text. 43. L. M. Dunlop, The Muntakhab Siwan alHikmah of Abu Sulaiman As-Sijistdni.

MA Mem. Metaph. Meteor. MM PA Analytica Priora Analytica Posteriora Atheniensium Respublica de Caelo Categoriae de Anima de Divinatione per Somnum Ethica Eudemia Ethica Nicomachea de Generatione Animalium de Generatione et Corruptions Historia Animalium de Incessu Animalium de Ideis de Insomniis de Interpretations de luventute et Senectute, de Vita et Morte de Lineis Insecabilibus de Longitudine et Brevitate Vitae de Motu Animalium de Memoria et Reminiscientia Metaphysica Meteorologica Magna Moralia de Partibus Animalium Abbreviations Phys.

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