Paul's thorn : 'Satan's messenger not sickness' by John F. Avanzini

By John F. Avanzini

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10:4-6). We actually become a terror to the spirit world if we recognize that we, in ourselves, have no personal strength, but in Christ we have the power of God operating in and through us to the point that we can do all things. The confusing of our strength with Christ's strength is the reason that we do not see more people manifesting the power of God. We find that, many times when people begin to learn how to operate in faith, they forget who their faith must be in. They think they are operating in their own maturity in Christ rather than in the power of the name of Jesus.

Paul makes a statement. " Chapter 2 Thorn—Not Sickness Now, hold in your mind the ray of light that you received in Chapter One, as we move further into the unraveling of the errors of man from this discourse. The word 'thorn' is used in several other places in the Scripture, but in not one instance in Scripture does it ever refer to sickness. Quite to the contrary, each time the word 'thorn' is used it has to do with some individual or group of individuals that are creating a problem for God's children.

Most certainly the Holy Spirit had a better grasp of the Greek language than to say that sickness would come upon you like a boxer and punch you and buffet you about. There are words, in the Greek language, much better suited to describe the effects of sickness — if the Holy Spirit were describing a sickness. Chapter 3 God Is Making Sons—Not Worms There is a false idea in the minds of persons who struggle with the fullness of the Holy Spirit and who struggle with the truth of the new creation man.

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