Oxford Reading Tree: Stages 6-10: Robins Storybooks: 1: The by Mike Poulton

By Mike Poulton

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Air conducts heat much more slowly than foil or felt does. 35 Foil is made of a metal called aluminum. Metals are good heat conductors. That is why we use metal pans for cooking. Heat from a stove moves quickly through a metal pan. So the food in a metal pan heats up quickly. That’s a good thing when you are hungry. To cook food, we must add heat to it. Food heats up quickly in a metal pan. So the food cooks quickly too. 36 Heat moves from warm air into cold drinks. The heat makes the drinks warmer.

You can prove it with an outdoor thermometer and a bowl of warm water. Look at the thermometer’s glass tube. At the bottom is a red or silver bulb. Can you see a thin red or silver line inside the tube? It comes up from the red or silver bulb. The color you see is liquid that is sealed inside the tube. How far up the tube does the colored line go? Look for the top end of a thermometer’s colored line. The number next to this end of the line is the temperature. 30 Some thermometers have a needle instead of colored liquid.

What kind of matter is milk? CHAPTER 66 CHAPTER HEAT CHANGES MATTER Matter comes in three forms called states. The three states are solids, liquids, and gases. Wood is a solid. Milk is a liquid. The air we breathe is a gas. 38 Ice melts when heat is added to it. The solid ice becomes liquid water. Adding heat can make matter change from one state to another. Adding heat to a solid turns the solid into a liquid. This is called melting. Adding heat to a liquid turns the liquid into a gas. This is called boiling.

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