Mighty Mo, the U.S.S. Missouri. A Biography of the Last by Gordon R. Newell, Allan E. Smith

By Gordon R. Newell, Allan E. Smith

MINOR SCUFFING ON dirt JACKET. DISCOLORATION ON entrance hide. OUR reproduction HAS an analogous dirt JACKET AS inventory photograph proven.

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Later in the day the gun crews di'ove off a twin engine raider approaching from astern, and near midnight they opened fire on another twin engine attacker which crashed into the sea a minute later. The broken body of the Japanese suicide pilot who had died in vain, was given decent burial at sea fi'om the deck of the Missouri next morning. Not all the ships of the Fast Carrier Force escaped so lightly. The carrier Enterprise was struck by two kamimazes which put her out of action for two days. Destroyer Kidd was crashed, the plane's bomb passing clear through her hull and killing 38 men.

While Rear Admiral J. J. 4, with the Missouri, spent the first three days of June launching more air at- ten knots, rolled an awesome sixty degrees, literally lying on their sides in the trough of the huge seas. Heavy cruiser Pittsburgh, steaming at three knots, met monstrous seas, the second of which wrenched off over 100 feet of her tacks against the Kyushu air fields. Japanese air attacks were few after the kamikaze offensive of late May but in June nature itself unleashed a full-scale blast against the Third Fleet.

He would have much preferred hari kari to what he was doing, but the Emperor had asked him to perform the humiliating task, and he had bowed to the Imperial will. The war was officially over after exactly 1,364 days, five hours and 44 minutes. MacArthur, imbued with a strong sense of history and the dramatic, wrote his name in fragments, using six different pens. The first went to Wainwright, the second to Percival; the next was for West Point, and after that there was one for the National Archives and another for his aide, General Courtney Whitney.

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