Media Wizards: A Behind-the-scene Look At Media by Catherine Gourley

By Catherine Gourley

Explores many of the instruments advertisers, broadcasters, and others occupied with the media use to impart messages to the general public, describing either old and modern media occasions and phenomena.

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Then, using a field blanket, Gardner dragged the corpse to the "picturesque" rock den forty yards away. He arranged the body between the rocks, with the face turned toward the camera. The dead soldier was not a sharpshooter at all. The rifle above the man's head was not, says Frassanito, the type of weapon used by sharpshooters. Most likely the rifle was Gardner's prop, an object he used in a number of photographs when he felt it was needed. Gardner claimed that he returned to the Gettysburg battlefield four months later to attend the dedication of the Gettysburg Cemetery.

Another advertisement claimed: "Nurses everywhere are discussing these important differences in Viceroy's filter tip. " The advertising claims of the 1950s about the miracle of mint and 200,000 filters in a single cigarette tip were no different from Bernays's "torches of freedom," Ivy Lee's Rockefeller dime giveaway gimmick, or Harry Reichenbach's phony kidnappings. They were all strategies in campaigns created purposely to sway public opinion. Public relations strategies haven't changed very much since the days following the Great War.

That he wears Hanes underwear. Actor Candice Bergen thinks everybody who calls long distance ought to save dimes a minute by using MCI's telephone service. What these advertisements share in common is an authority who recommends the product. The authority may be a doctor, a parent, or a celebrity like Paula Abdul or Michael Jordan. Wanting to sing and dance like Paula sells sneakers, even though the shoes don't come with a guarantee of musical talent. Neither briefs nor boxers or a particular brand of underwear can change a man's physical characteristics.

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