Kindergarten Gems by Agnes Taylor Ketchum, Ida M. Jorgensen

By Agnes Taylor Ketchum, Ida M. Jorgensen

An entire choice of tales and rhymes for the youngest listeners. as well as the standard fairy stories, people stories, and fables, there are various tales approximately animals, stories of daily doings, and tales of the seasons. the fabric is very easily prepared in teams, with a number of tales and rhymes for every vacation and season all year long. various black and white illustrations supplement the textual content. compatible for a while four and up.

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He capered and butted, and threatened to throw her into the stream. Dave, who stood on the shore watching all this, felt sure that Billy would drown his beautiful Snow-drop; but he did not. What do you think she did after he had teased her so long? Why, the sensible little creature lay down on the plank. Billy, tired of the fun, took the hint and jumped over her. This is a true story of two welsh goats. " Willie and the Oriole IT was there on the window-sill just a moment ago. It was a spool of No.

The little girl ate her porridge out of the iron pot because they only had two plates, and used the cooking spoon as they had only two spoons. She did not mind that at all. After the dishes were washed and put away, they sat around the fire and told stories. They had only two chairs, so the little brother sat on the floor, but he did not mind that, and was only too glad to give his chair to the stranger. They talked so long and told so many stories that at last they got very tired and sleepy. " "No!

But no one answered, so he went up stairs and there he found her sitting in one corner crying bitterly. Pointer told her how she was missed and what they wished her to do. When she heard this, she put on her hat and away they both trotted to the woods. When they got there the other fingers were waiting for them, and gold finger was so anxious to help, that she climbed the tree too fast and fell down and hurt her back very badly, and this is the reason she can't stand up very straight. All the little fingers were sorry, and helped to rub it briskly so as to make it well, which they really did.

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