Jesus' Proclamation of the Kingdom of God (Scholars Press by Johannes Weiss

By Johannes Weiss

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Hans Conzelmann, The Theology of St. Luke, trans. G. Buswell (New Y o r k : Harper, 1 9 6 0 ) , pp. 1 2 2 f. See also p. 1 0 5 . Similarly in his article "Jesus Christus" [ R G G , 3 ( 1 9 5 9 ) : 6 4 1 - 4 5 ] , Conzelmann urged that the eschatological salvation proclaimed and expected by Jesus was present to his hearers and is accessible for "us" today. Salvation is known existentially in the present moment: the "new time" is here, though the kingdom of God has not yet come (p. 6 4 4 ) . Cf. Jeremias' questionable distinction between the "New Age" and the Kingdom of God.

A few others such as D. F. Strauss, in his first Life of Jesus ( 1 8 3 5 ) , F. W . Ghillany, and W i l h e l m Baldensperger, had partially grasped the eschatological character of J e s u s ' beliefs and ministry also, but none had set it forth as clearly and simply as did W e i s s in 1892. 71 Weiss, Schweitzer and Consistent Eschatology Weiss was soon joined by a formidable ally, Albert Schweitzer. The latter's Skizze des Lebens Jesu (Sketch of the Life of J e s u s ) appeared a year after the publication of Weiss's revised and expanded edition of the Predigt.

Dodd, A. M. Hunter, T. W . Manson, and E. F. Scott make no mention of it in their writings. The title appears in Amos W i l d e r ' s Eschatology and Ethics in the Teaching of Jesusf* but only in the bibliography. J . A. T. , Oscar Cullmann, Le Re/our du Christ (Neuchatel, Paris: Delachaux et Niestle, 1 9 4 4 ) , pp. ; Joachim Jeremias, The Eucharistic Words of Jesus, trans. A . Ehrhardt (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1 9 5 5 ) , pp. 1 4 8 , 1 5 2 ; John A. T. Robinson, Jesus and His Coming (New Y o r k : Abingdon, 1 9 5 7 ) , p.

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