It's True! Pirates Ate Rats (It's True!) (It's True!) by Heather Catchpole

By Heather Catchpole

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That’s what I like – a real gentleman pirate! 5 May You never did hear the like. I’d just got that fancy John in the hold for a bit of a private time, and what do I see? 55 A chest as soft as a mother’s, and as womanly as any I’d ever seen! Mary Read’s her real name – brought up John and started in life as a footboy! She was in love and married once, but Death carried off her man, so she took to the Navy and then pirating. Not to worry, her and me will have a life of fortune, I tell her, and death to any that tries to stop us – Jack included!

He then began a life of pirating and plunder that became a legend. Hands’ sore knee and the sailor’s sore hand There were many rumours about Blackbeard. He was said to have shot his first mate Israel Hands under the table, shattering his knee and crippling him for life, simply to strike fear into the hearts of his crew and to make sure they obeyed him. Another tale tells us that Blackbeard was once rejected by a young girl for another sailor. When Blackbeard later captured the sailor’s ship, he recognised the girl’s ring on the sailor’s hand.

Centuries after they died, men like Blackbeard, Black Bart and Captain Kidd still capture our imagination. 36 Blackbeard: blackest of the lot Imagine it is the year 1720 and you are in a ship sailing quietly along the east coast of America. Suddenly, a ship bearing a black flag with a skeleton holding an hourglass appears on the horizon. A chase begins, and soon pirates are boarding your vessel. You see a large man with a thick black beard and ribbons twisted in his curls. His beard pours with smoke, his cutlass is clenched between his teeth and he’s brandishing a pistol, with several more tucked into his sash.

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