Introduction to rural sociology by Paul Leroy Vogt

By Paul Leroy Vogt

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In the state of Iowa, 71 per cent, of the total rainfall occurs during the crop season from April to September, inclusive. Conditions in the other corn belt states are similar. This favorable condition as to coupled with the occurrence of hot nights during the growing season, makes this area one of the most productive agricultural sections in the United States. rainfall, Natural means or avenues of transportation, such as rivers, mountain passes and lakes, also exert a potent influence at least on the earlier economic development of a country.

New York. Moore, H. L. Economic Cycles: Their Law and Cause. , New York. CHAPTER III THE IMPROVEMENT OF AGRICULTURAL METHODS ONE of the most fundamental factors in the upward struggle of humanity has been that of trying to free itself of the necessity for manual labor. Regardless of the laudations of poetic enthusiasts concerning the dignity of the "man with the hoe" and of the intrinsic worth of labor regardless of its kind and of the inherent equality of men whether they work with their hands or with their brains, the fact remains that the convention of society that brain work is more honorable than hand work is well founded.

2. What problems of social psychology need further study as a programs of socialization? basis for 3. 4. 5. What conditions now cause social classes? In what institutions do social interests find expression? Into what two types may these institutions be divided? 6. How 7. To what do these types extent is differ ? unregulated organization advantageous? RURAL SOCIAL ORGANIZATION 25 TOPICS FOR RESEARCH 1. Make an analysis as to sex, age, education, occupation, wealth 2. and conjugal condition of church members.

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