I Can Draw Magical Creatures (I CAN DRAW) by Carrie Love; Lorrie Mack

By Carrie Love; Lorrie Mack

Draw it, cartoon it, color it, color it! Ever conjured up an image on your head, yet now not been in a position to positioned pen to paper and create an identical snapshot? you do not have to be an exceptional artist to be nice at artwork with "I Can Draw Dinosaurs". commence with easy outlines and create your individual notable drawings. learn how to draw all types of prehistoric creatures - from a terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex to a scaly Stegosaurus - with the simple step by step advisor that encourages and reassures at every one level. Get sketching! this is often ideal for nationwide Curriculum Key degree 2 Arts and Crafts.

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Lu m p th e ith Lo w ay ps are like a bum wi d n tc sa h at t ese shimmery s cal es . nicorn could fly Au aw e to r u xt Ssscales are ssso sssuper . ing flowery te xtu T his re wo ake a delicate f ai r yw Look around you (in your home, outside, and in books) to get ideas for adding more texture to your drawings. Can you guess where each texture is from? m uld 43 troll’s nose boil Body parts M AGICAL CREATURES ARE ALL UNIQUE. Have runny nose fun drawing all their body parts! Once you have tried all the characters in this book use this page to give you more ideas.

Elf E that are popular in myths. These tiny people are said to be friendly to humans, although sometimes they can misbehave! Santa Claus has elves working for him as his helpers. LVES ARE A TYPE OF FAIRY ✿ 30 ✿ ✿ ✿ 3 Add in his eyes, mouth, ears, and nose. Draw a hat and a bag. Dress him in striped tights and shoes. Use shading on your elf’s tights, scarf, and bag. ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ 31 Elf parade H Once you’ve drawn some elves try drawing lots of trees and snow! AVE FUN DRAWING THE ELVES ON THEIR PARADE.

Stay away from her cauldron! 39 1 Begin with basic lines and shapes for the giant’s head, body, legs, and arms. 2 Draw around the shapes and lines to create the arms, body, fingers, and legs. Giant “ 40 F EE, FI, FO, FUM! I smell the blood of an Englishman. ” 3 Give the giant some hair, eyes, a nose, and mouth. Draw his shoes and clothes. fee, fi, fo, fum... 41 Texture M have a range of textures, from feathery wings on fairies to shiny scales on dragons. Try out different materials to make your magical creatures look lifelike.

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