I Can Draw Magical Creatures by DK Publishing

By DK Publishing

Totally illustrated, step by step directions take budding artists from uncomplicated outlines to complete artworks during this brand-new drawing sequence. As they convey realistic drawings and boost key representation strategies, inventive young children can be surprised how effortless it's to create their own masterpieces.

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AGICAL CREATURES Hmmm... I think I prefer the frog Fee fi fo fum? Silly sizes You can play around by changing the scale of different creatures around to make some funny pictures. This giant isn’t so big now that he’s standing by an oversized elf! 46 Life-size Some magical creatures should be drawn to look lifesize, such as the prince, princess, and unicorn. Fly away The witch looks like she is farther away because she is smaller than the flying dragon. Any size Some magical creatures come in many shapes and sizes.

2 Draw a hat and a magical wand. Dress your wizard in a long gown. Wizard W ATCH THE WIZARD as he waves his star-shaped wand to perform magical spells and tricks. ” The most famous wizard was named Merlin. Have you heard of him? 34 3 Give him some hair and a beard. Fill in his face with big eyebrows, a nose, and mouth. Abracadabra Decorate his gown with yellow stars and moons. Use shading on his hat and gown to make them look real. ” Try drawing different expressions on your magical creatures’ faces.

Witch H ubble bubble, here comes trouble... watch out for the flying witch and her cat. Stay away from her cauldron! 39 1 Begin with basic lines and shapes for the giant’s head, body, legs, and arms. 2 Draw around the shapes and lines to create the arms, body, fingers, and legs. Giant “ 40 F EE, FI, FO, FUM! I smell the blood of an Englishman. ” 3 Give the giant some hair, eyes, a nose, and mouth. Draw his shoes and clothes. fee, fi, fo, fum... 41 Texture M have a range of textures, from feathery wings on fairies to shiny scales on dragons.

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