Geofluids: origin, migration and evolution of fluids in by J. Parnell

By J. Parnell

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For example, Bredehoeft et al. (1988) interpreted estimates of fluid pressure from the South Caspian basin to indicate that pore fluids from compacting shales drain into adjacent sands and travel laterally hundreds of kilometers through the sands to points of eventual discharge. Due to the very high anisotropies which are possible in sedimentary 38 D.

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As a consequence, in regions of downward flow it is possible to obtain nearly linear temperature profiles that appear conductive if the depth of the temperature log is less than the total depth of circulation. Under these circumstances it may be possible to obtain temperature logs which appear to be largely linear and conductive leading to the incorrect conclusion that there is no significant fluid flow. Domenico & Palciauskas (1973) considered regional groundwater flow and heat transport in sedimentary basins and derived analytical solutions for head, temperature, and near-surface, FLUID FLOW AND HEAT TRANSPORT conductive heat flow.

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