Fundamentals of Python : from first programs through data by Kenneth A. Lambert

By Kenneth A. Lambert

In basics OF PYTHON: FROM FIRST courses via information constructions, Washington and Lee college professor Kenneth A. Lambert provides the entire very important issues in CS1 and CS2 in a single quantity. This low-budget structure offers teachers with a constant method of instructing introductory programming and information buildings over a regular two-term path series. The publication makes use of the Python programming language, that's either effortless to benefit for novices and scales good to complicated functions.

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via real-world examples and functional routines, you’ll discover themes resembling medical datasets, hierarchically equipped teams, user-defined metadata, and interoperable records. Examples are acceptable for clients of either Python 2 and Python three. If you’re accustomed to the fundamentals of Python information research, this is often a great creation to HDF5.
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Each card described a row in a pattern of cloth. Although it was still an entirely mechanical device, Jacquard’s loom possessed something that previous devices had lacked—the ability to execute an algorithm automatically. The set of cards expressed the algorithm or set of instructions that controlled the behavior of the loom. If the loom operator wanted to produce a different pattern, he just had to run the machine with a different set of cards. The British mathematician Charles Babbage (1792–1871) took the concept of a programmable computer a step further by designing a model of a machine that, conceptually, bore a striking resemblance to a modern general-purpose computer.

Script files are also the means by which Python programs are distributed to others. Most important, as you know from writing term papers, files allow you to save, safely and permanently, many hours of work. To compose and execute programs in this manner, you perform the following steps: 1 Select the option New Window from the File menu of the shell window. 2 In the new window, enter Python expressions or statements on separate lines, in the order in which you want Python to execute them. 3 At any point, you may save the file by selecting File/Save.

Devices that rely on computer technology are almost everywhere, not only in our homes, but also in our schools, where we work, and where we play. Computer technology plays an important role in entertainment, education, medicine, manufacturing, communications, government, and commerce. It has been said that we have digital lifestyles and that we live in an information age with an information-based economy. Some people even claim that nature itself performs computations on information structures present in DNA and in the relationships among subatomic particles.

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