Fun To Learn - Animals by Trident Press Intl.

By Trident Press Intl.

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The chariot made by infant children. At this point the experience opens up. By providing the appropriate material and taking the children through the process step by step, the teacher had ensured that thought and planning had gone into each design, that he had given each child the opportunity to use specific tools and that each child had achieved a degree of success. From this success the children felt able to capitalize on the knowledge and skill they had acquired and to seek ways to make their cars more attractive and exciting.

A large diameter pulley driving a smaller diameter pulley, through a connecting belt, will result in the smaller pulley turning faster. Conversely a small pulley driving a larger pulley will result in a decrease in speed. DISCUSSION POINTS DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY 5–12 1 Could a member of staff or LEA adviser organize an after-school session on basic electricity? Materials cost is moderate and the benefit for children’s projects is considerable. 2 Contacts with local comprehensive schools science staff could prove positive for help with mechanisms/energy/structures.

3 Cut a wooden lollypop stick, using a junior hacksaw, 2 mm less than the diameter of the card circle. Then, as shown in the diagrams below, glue the lollypop stick across the centre of the card circle taking care to see that the stick does not protrude beyond the outer edge of the card circle. 4 Cut two more pieces of lollypop stick so that they will fix at right angles to the piece already glued into position (see diagram). Again take care to ensure that the stick does not protrude beyond the outer edge of the circle.

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