Foxfire Book 2 on Primitive Survival by E. Wigginton

By E. Wigginton

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Leaves have crinkled edges. Flowers appear in a green spike in May and June, followed by seeds that turn dark brown and look like tobacco. PLATE 31 Dock The closely related patience dock (R. patientia) and the speckled dock (R. obtusifolius) are common in waste places. Patience dock has reddish, or red-veined leaves, while speckled dock has narrow, spotted leaves. Swamp dock (R. verticillatus) is found in very wet, swampy places. The leaves of all dock species are edible when very young and tender.

Some, he continued, if the piece was short, would simply carry that home and set it up as the gum. There was almost no way to get the honey out, though, when you wanted to rob it. And sometimes the impact of the tree falling made such a mess of the comb inside that it was almost impossible for the bees to rebuild. SWARMS Whenever a hive gets overcrowded, some of its bees set out in a "swarm" with a queen to found a new hive. This often happens in 42 FOXFIRE 2 April and May, and if a beekeeper is alert, he can easily add another gum to his holdings.

Insert a topper or hollow toke of bark; hang a bucket under end of toke to collect sap. Drink plain, hot or cold. Birch beer: Tap trees when sap is rising. Jug sap and throw in a handful of shelled corn. Nature finishes the job. Morel (Morchella esculenta, M. crassipes, M. angusticeps) (sponge mushroom, markel, merkel) PLATE 23 Morel 54 FOXFIRE 2 The mushroom most commonly gathered in spring, and a delight to eat, is the morel, Morchella. There are various signs to tell it is time to go morel hunting, but usually you look for them after a warm rain, when the dark blue violets bloom.

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