Ford Full-Size Vans 1969 thru 1991 Six-cylinder inline & V8 by Chilton

By Chilton

Haynes disassembles each topic automobile and records each step with thorough directions and transparent images. Haynes fix manuals are utilized by the professionals, yet written for the do-it-yourselfer.

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Replace the wire in the distributor. 8 Check the remaining spark plug wires, making sure they are securely fastened at the distributor and spark plug when the check is complete. 9 If new spark plug wires are required, purchase a set for your specific engine model. Wire sets are available preĀ·cut, with the rubber boots already installed. Remove and replace the wires one at a time to avoid mix ups in the firing order. 31 Distributor cap and rotor check and replacement Refer to illustrations 31. 1a, 31.

6 Remove the engine cover to gain access to the plugs. 7 With the engine cool, remove the spark plug wire from one spark plug. Do this by grabbing the boot at the end of the wire, not the wire itself. Sometimes it is necessary to use a twisting motion while the boot and plug wire are pulled free. Using a plug wire removal tool is the easiest and safest method (see illustration). If compressed air is available, use it to blow any dirt or foreign 8 material away from the spark plug area. A common bicycle pump will also work.

11 1 The spark plugs are located on both sides of V8 engines and on one side of inline engines. They mayor may not be easily accessible for removal. If the vehicle is equipped with air conditioning or power steering, some of the plugs may be tricky to remove. Special extension or swivel tools may be necessary. Check to see if special tools will be needed. 2 In most cases, tools necessary for a spark plug replacement include a plug wrench or spark plug socket, which fits onto a ratchet wrench (this special socket will be insulated inside to protect the plug) and a wire-type feeler gauge to check and adjust the spark plug gap (see illustration).

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