Florida Panther by Barbara A. Somervill

By Barbara A. Somervill

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Where the deaths take place. They are trying to find solutions to the problem. Helping panthers survive is becoming more difficult as more people move into Florida. Some people think that we should just let the species die out. Then more land would be available for planting sugarcane, citrus orchards, or fields of vegetables. But getting rid of the panthers would create other problems. The populations of white-tailed deer, wild hogs, raccoons, and other animals would increase. Eventually there would be too many of those animals and not enough food to go around.

Florida panthers are part of that balance. They are the state mammal and the state’s largest predator. Florida’s leaders must decide what steps they are willing to take to save the panthers. 28 21st CENTURY SKILLS LIBRARY This map shows the current range of Florida panthers. 9
SHUHN the breaking up or separation of a habitat or wilderness area GENE*%%. +
SEENZ medicines that prevent disease 30 21st CENTURY SKILLS LIBRARY For More Information Books Ake, Anne. Everglades: An Ecosystem Facing Choices and Challenges.

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