Firsts: Origins of Everyday Things That Changed the World by Wilson Casey

By Wilson Casey

For an individual who ever desired to recognize the background of the chocolate chip cookie, earmuffs, and sunlight Savings...

Firsts-history in the course of the milestones of human achievement-are enjoyable. And Wilson Casey, trivialities specialist, has accumulated over 500 firsts in approximately each significant class of tradition: from style to meals, politics to technology, leisure to artwork to architec­ture. every one "first" is an entire clarification of the subject handy, written in a funny but authoritative sort. It contains:

•The precise historical past of the golfing tee

•How a blind guy got here up with cruise keep an eye on

•The delusion in the back of the origins of the Caesar salad

•Why and the way the 1st dieter dieted

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He called the mold penicillium and the chemical produced by it penicillin. Fleming really didn’t realize what he had discovered, but his findings, written up in 1929, presented penicillin as a possible antibiotic. Antitank Weapon Antitank rifles were the first attempt at stopping a tank with a portable weapon. They needed to be quick to reload and easily carried by one man. 2mm Rifle Anti-Tank (Mauser), a German weapon created during World War I that first appeared in February 1918. German engineering originated the idea of using heavy caliber and high-velocity rifles to stop tanks, and they designed the world’s first weapon for the sole purpose of destroying armored targets.

Both she and Brisbane agreed that a pen name was in order. Marie Manning suggested “Beatrice Fairfax,” after Dante’s Beatrice and the Manning family’s country place in Fairfax County, Virginia. That first advice column served as the staging ground for the later nationally syndicated sister act of Esther and Pauline Friedman, better known as “Ann Landers” and “Dear Abby” for a significant part of their long and successful careers. Aerosol Spray In 1926, Norwegian inventor Eric Rotheim discovered that a liquid could be housed in and sprayed from an aluminum can injected with a pressure-building gas or liquid.

Blood Transfusion From the 1300s, the Incas of Peru regularly practiced blood transfusions centuries before the Europeans invaded their land. In their ancient engraved records, the Ica Stones of Peru show evidence of blood vessels being connected from one human to another via crude tubes (hollowed-out reeds). The Incas understood the life forces of blood and that a lack of blood meant certain death. The Incas’ crude live donor blood transfusions would have had minimal problems from incompatibility.

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