First Facts: Farm by DK Publishing

By DK Publishing

With easy designs, eye catching photographs and easy textual content jam-packed with attention-grabbing proof, DK's new First proof sequence will excite and enjoyment little ones whereas answering the age previous questions "who?" "what?" "when?" "where?" and "why?" children will love studying all approximately what occurs at the farm during this interesting new ebook!

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Index alpaca 17 apple 26 baler 19 bread 24 -25 carrot 29 cat 17 chicken 14 combine harvester 19, 22-23, 24 cotton 26 cow 6, 8-9 duck 15 horse 7, 17 rice 27 milk 8, 9 egg 14-15 onion 29 goat 17 goose 15 grain 19 pig 6, 10-11 pigsty 11 plow 7 potato 28, 29 sheep 6, 12-13 sheepdog 13 tractor 7, 18-19, 23 turkey 16 Picture Credits: The publisher would like to thank the following for their kind permission to reproduce their photographs: (Key: a-above; b-below/bottom; c-center; f-far; l-left; r-right; t-top) Alamy Images: Nigel Cattlin 9cr; Andrew Chittock 10tr; Ashley Cooper 18bc; Stephen Dorey ABIPP 18tc; Emil Enchev 16tr; FLPA 7b; Tim Graham 11cr; Jo Hanley 11bl; Ben Oliver 4bl, 10ca; Chris Pancewicz 20c; Diane Randell 2829; Maurice Savage 8bl (bull); Herbie Springer 29ca; Hugh Threlfall 29tc; Edd Westmacott 10bl; WILDLIFE GmbH 11tr; Kathy Wright 13br.

Photolibrary: Ian Griffiths / Robert Harding Travel 19ca; Claudius Thiriet / Bios 8br (calf ). Image Source tr (corn); Photodisc / GK Hart / Vikki Hart ftl. Back: Getty Images: Photographer’s Choice / Nacivet fcla. Spine: Dorling Kindersley: Stephen Oliver (chick). Getty Images: f-64 Photo Office / amanaimagesRF (sunflower).

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