Fire Ice (The third book in the NUMA Files series) by Clive Cussler, Paul Kemprecos

By Clive Cussler, Paul Kemprecos

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Moments before, he had seen swimmers in the water next to the overturned inflatable. He glanced away to get his bearings, and when he looked again the swimmers were gone. Kurt Austin had been chasing the Zodiac like an aerial motorcycle cop hot on the tail of a speeder, and had seen the boat flip over. He couldn't figure out why it had gone out of control. The seas were moderate, and no rocks or other submerged objects were visible. Austin wondered if the inflatable, or the fishing boat he had seen steaming away from the coast, had anything to do with the television crew he was looking for.

Go on," he said, trying to keep his voice level. "Our observers identified the vessel as the Argo. I checked on the ship's permit. The vessel is only allowed to conduct operations in the open sea. Several communications were picked up between the ship and an aircraft. " "We don't know, sir. " "Well, this is not exactly an invasion, Aleksei. S. " "Not in this case, sir. The plane gave its positions, so we were able to chart its course. " Petrov's lips parted in a silent curse. " "The coastguard's dispatched a helicopter to the scene.

No problem. " Petrov smiled. "It is more than adequate, thank you. Now let me ask a question. " "Your command of English isn't as good as I thought. " "Let's see if we can settle this thing amicably, tovarich," the American replied casually. "We both know what's on that wreck and what a pain it could cause our respective countries. So here's my suggestion: We pull back while you go down and retrieve your, uh, stolen property. We'll even give you a hand if you'd like. When you're finished with your salvage work, you leave and we'll dispose of the evidence.

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