Fire brigade : U.S. Marines in the Pusan Perimeter by John C Chapin; United States. Marine Corps. History and

By John C Chapin; United States. Marine Corps. History and Museums Division

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Three objective lines were assigned to the brigade, with the first being Obong-ni Ridge. Craig and Murray made an on-the-spot reconnaissance of the terrain which was a jumbled mass of hills and gullies. Because of the type of terrain to the left and the presence of the Army's 9th Regiment to the right, the only, reluctant choice was a frontal attack. action against anyone who shows weakness. -t - - Preparation by supporting units for the Marine riflemen's attack was inadequate. Artillery fire was ineffective.

One enlist- Shouldn't have been ambushed, we should have discovered it, but didn't. " The ambush had delayed the brigade, but not for long and at a cost to the NKPA of hundreds of dead, wrecked vehicles, and large losses in weapons. Now the Marines were poised to sweep into Kosong. Reinforcements arrived: the rest of the 2d Battalion on foot and the 3d Battalion by truck. Murray, of course, was there waiting for them. He took Taplett up to the top of one of the hills and they could see Kosong five miles away.

Recalled: On the other side of "Red Slash The use of the abandoned machine gun emplacement me where my rounds were proved to be a mistake. Enemy mortars and artillery had going. I emptied the rifle. already registered on it So I pushed the release with Without registration my right thumb and pulled the around it. The blast lifted me . of any kind, four rounds of enemy 42 Hill" that was the dividing line, Company B made some progress until it was pinned down by heavy fire from a nearby village on its flank.

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