Federal Democracies by Michael Burgess, Alain-G. Gagnon

By Michael Burgess, Alain-G. Gagnon

Federal Democracies examines the evolution of the connection among federalism and democracy. Taking the past due 18th century US Federal adventure as its starting-point, the publication makes use of the contributions of Calhoun, Bryce and Proudhon as nineteenth century conceptual prisms in which we will witness the demanding situations and alterations made to the that means of this courting. The publication then is going directly to offer a chain of case experiences to ascertain modern examples of federalism and contains chapters on Canada, united states, Russia, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and the rising eu Union. It positive factors extra case reports on Minority countries and a Federal Europe, and concludes with chapters delivering comparative empirical and theoretical views, and comparative reflections on federalism and democracy. Bringing jointly foreign specialists within the box this e-book might be important interpreting for college kids and students of federalism, comparative politics and executive.

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Reconsidering Tocqueville's Democracy in America (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1988). 41 For a study of all three cases from a different angle, see Karmis, 1998. 42 On the motives and itinerary ofTocqueville and Beaumont's trip, see Jardin, 1984. 43 Tocqueville's writings on Lower Canada were collected by Jacques Vallee in Tocqueville, 1973. Since, there is no equivalent collection in English, I refer to Vallee's work and I translate all citations. 44 Tocqueville, Alexis de, Tocqueville au Bas-Canada (Montreal: Editions du Jour, 1973), p.

In this chapter, I have tried to retrace the sources of this theoretical gap. Through a comparative study of Tocqueville and Proudhon's works, I have argued that the strong influence of nationalism and colonialism in nineteenth-century federal thinking made it particularly difficult for political thinkers to theorize - and even imagine - multinational encounters and dialogues as major features of federations. Based on these findings, contemporary political theorists should pause and consider to what extent they have internalized nineteenth-century nationalist and colonialist assumptions about federalism.

According to Proudhon, Jacobin unity is artificial and undemocratic because it is based on Sieyes' abstract and purely administrative territorial division into departements and it aims at the triumph of the "one and indivisible" view of the French nation. 96 Such nationalism is "a pretext ... 97 It favours homogeneity, while diversity is what should drive the national principle of unity: We say: Rome to Italians. 98 This "small is beautiful" view of the nation was based on a definition of the nation largely determined by geographical 99 and historical loo criteria, though Proudhon's work is not exempt from essentialist arguments,101 which were almost inevitable to counteract the Jacobin rhetorical arguments.

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