Extremal Polynomials and Riemann Surfaces by Andrei Bogatyrev, Nikolai Kruzhilin

By Andrei Bogatyrev, Nikolai Kruzhilin

The difficulties of conditional optimization of the uniform (or C-) norm for polynomials and rational services come up in a variety of branches of technological know-how and expertise. Their numerical resolution is notoriously tough in case of excessive measure services. The ebook develops the classical Chebyshev's procedure which provides analytical illustration for the answer when it comes to Riemann surfaces. The ideas born within the distant (at the 1st look) branches of arithmetic comparable to advanced research, Riemann surfaces and Teichmüller conception, foliations, braids, topology are utilized to approximation difficulties.

The key characteristic of this ebook is using attractive principles of latest arithmetic for the answer of utilized difficulties and their powerful numerical attention. this can be one of many few books the place the computational features of the better genus Riemann surfaces are illuminated. powerful paintings with the moduli areas of algebraic curves offers large possibilities for numerical experiments in arithmetic and theoretical physics.​

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The solution of the above problem reduces to Problem A of least deviation with one constraint hp jP i D 1. 1. x/ is a (not necessarily unique) solution of V. A. x/ jP i is a solution of Problem A with one constraint hp jP i D 1. x/=kP kE is a solution of V. A. Markov’s problem. 5 Other Applications The following problems provide further examples of problems of least deviation in the uniform metric: 1. Picking interpolation nodes for functions of prescribed smoothness defined on a compact subset of the real axis [31].

Has zero periods over all even cycles. Á has zero periods over all odd cycles. All the periods of Á are real. All the periods of Á are purely imaginary. 16. Show that on a Riemann surface of genus g a meromorphic differential with fixed principal parts at the singularities can be normalized in one of the following ways: (a) (b) (c) (d) Prescribing the periods over the g even cycles. Prescribing the periods over the g odd cycles. Prescribing the real parts of 2g periods. Prescribing the imaginary parts of 2g periods.

3. x/) must be rational. e;0/ ÁM /; where the products of the degree n and all the above rational periods are integers (there are only 2g independent periods in the complex case and g periods in the real case). The method of the proof of the theorem goes back to Abel’s famous paper [2]. 4. x/ in a continued fraction, was presented in [99] and [140]. If the degree n of the solution is large, then this approach cannot be implemented in practice due to computational instability. 5. A generalization of Chebyshev’s construction can be used for representing rational functions the majority of whose critical points are simple with the corresponding values belonging to a fixed four-point set [26].

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