Explorations in Seamless Morphology by edited by Rajendra Singh and Stanley Starosta, in

By edited by Rajendra Singh and Stanley Starosta, in collaboration with Sylvain Neuvel

Textual content offers converging techniques to the research of morphologically advanced phrases: the Montreal strategy, and a monostratal syntactic dependency concept known as 'lexicase'. For theoretical linguists, descriptive grammarians, historic linguists, and lexicologists.

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2(2): 73ñ80. W. 1978. ëTwo theories of non-automatic morphophonological alternations: Evidence from Spanishí. Language. 54: 41ñ60. Hetzron, R. 1972. ëThe shape of a rule and diachronyí. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies. 35: 41ñ60. Hjelmslev, L. 1963. Prolegomena to a Theory of Language. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. B. 1976. An Introduction to Natural Generative Phonology. New York: Academic Press. óóó. 1979. Child morphology and morphophonemic change. Linguistics.

According to our point of view, such an analysis adds an extra level to the derivation, failing to recognize the vocalic epenthesis for what it really is; to wit, a morphological operation. í (Andersen 1969: 818). The ability to change the scope of its application is the hallmark of 32 ! Alan Ford and Rajendra Singh a word-formation rule, a significant difference between a morphological strategy and a phonological rule, which is, in the theoretical framework we adopt, always global. Bybee (Bybee 1980, Bybee and Brewer 1980, and Hooper 1979) claims that morphophonological rules play a role in the acquisition and the diachrony of Spanish.

As for what Sadock calls ëreferenceí, the problem with his analysis is that there is nothing in the facts signalled which imposes the incorporation analysis he gives. Sapangarsivuq is a morphologically intransitive verb which, syntactically, takes a complement in the instrumental case. The representation of such facts is justified by the fact that there already exist many verbs from this class in Inuttitut, as we have indicated in (9). These forms result at least in part, according to Bergsland (1956), from a morphological operation which links them to transitive verbs without the help of any incorporation operation.

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