Excavations at Bampur, a third millennium settlement in by Beatrice De Cardi

By Beatrice De Cardi

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202, design and form Khurab: P1. 201, design and form Shahi Tump: P1. 3, design Khurab: P1. 268 Shugha culture: Fig. 9 Sutkagen-dor: P1. 25 Damin: P1. 120, 121 Khurab: P1. 155 323:V, 1 324 :V, 1 326:V, 1 335:V, 1 336:V, 1 339:V, 1 340:V, 1 342:V, 1 343:V, 1 344:V, 1 349:V, 1 350:V, 1 Elsewhere Gardan Reg: Fig. 440 Mundigak IV, 2: 414 Mundigak IV, 3: 506, 510 Shugha culture: Fig. 9 Shahi Tump: P1. 1 Umm an-Nar: Cairn 5. Aarhus Museum (unpublished) Khurab: P1. 9 Khurab: P1. 19, Khur. 229 Sutkagen-dor: New Delhi Collections No.

Harappan elements were also present in the shape of shell bangles and long ribbon flakes but may signify nothing more than contact with either Sotka-Koh or Sutkagen-dor. The later funerary pottery of Shahi Tump has no close parallels at Bampur. In view of the existence of Harappan settlements in the Makran, it is surprising that no objects attributable to that culture were found at Bampur. The only commodities which can be construed as imports resulting from trade along the gulf were some black-on-gray ware VOL.

And Period 298 :IV, 3 Gardan Reg: 116, 117; Fig. 44, 1, designs (not identical) 300 :IV, 3 301 :IV, 3 304:IV, 3 305 :IV, 3 308 :IV, 3 310:IV, 3 313:IV, 3 314:IV, 3 315:IV, 3 317:IV, 3 318:IV, 3 319:IV, 3 Southeastern Afghanistan Khurab: P1. 152, design Maula: P1. 9, Mau. 13, design Khurab: P1. 95, frieze on same grayware form Khurab: P1. 132, design See No. 296 above Near Ramrud: P1. 114, Md. 027. Also British Museum No. 182. 051, designs and form Mundigak IV, 1: 237c, Khurab: P1. 178, design design Khurab: P1.

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