European Helmets, 1450-1650 by Stuart W. Pyhrr

By Stuart W. Pyhrr

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Statistical ANOVA were performed in order to investigate whether various factors in the installation process have an influence on the correlation structures. The variabilities obtained from small-scale tests were reduced with respect to a variance reduction factor. Based upon the results presented in this paper, the following conclusions can be drawn: (a) The correlation structures are, in general, anisotropic. The evaluated directional semi-variograms show that the radius is the dominant variable in the variability.

State of art in deep mixing technology. Part 1: Basic concepts and overview. Ground Improvement 2, No. 2, 81–92. , Tanaka, H. & Kobayashi, M. (1998). State of art in deep mixing technology. Part 2: Applications. Ground Improvement 2, No. 3, 125–139. , Tsuchida, T. & Kishida, T. (1999). Technology of airtransported stabilized dredged fill. Part 2: Quality assessment. Ground Improvement 3, No. 1, 59–66. SGF (2000). Kalk- och kalkcementpelare. Va¨gledning fo¨r projektering, utfo¨rande och kontroll (Lime and lime cement columns.

As only sparse data points can be obtained within the budget constraints of a typical project, the exact spatial variations of soil or rock properties remain largely undetermined. Soils and rocks are heterogeneous materials created by complex geological processes. Engineering properties vary from point to point even within the same stratum. Because of uncertainty associated with their inherent spatial variability and limited available information, soil and rock properties may be regarded as random variables.

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