Emperor Penguins (DK Readers Level 2) by DK Publishing

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Gorgeous photos mix with full of life illustrations with attractive, age-appropriate tales in DK Readers a multilevel studying software bound to seize kid's curiosity whereas constructing their examining talents and normal wisdom. With DK Readers, childrens will discover ways to read—and learn to profit! study all concerning the Emperor penguins as they look after their younger and courageous the weather.

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They cannot swim until their new shiny waterproof feathers have grown. Their moms and dads leave them for the last time to go and feed. The chicks will soon be ready to leave the colony, too. An adult’s waterproof feathers 29 It is January, and the sun shines all day, everyday. There is no darkness. For the first time, the young penguins shuffle across the shiny ice sheets. 30 They head for the shimmering blue ocean. They are hungry and eager for their first dip into the icy ocean to catch food for themselves.

Macaroni penguins live on the islands around Antarctica. They have colorful yellow feathers on top of their heads.

The most common types are African penguins that live on the southern coast of Africa and Humboldt penguins that live on the western coast of South America. Adelie penguins are the smallest penguins that live in Antarctica. Their black and white colored markings make them look as if they are wearing tuxedos. Chinstrap penguins live in Antarctica and on the Southern Islands nearby. They have a black band of feathers under their chin that looks like a strap. Macaroni penguins live on the islands around Antarctica.

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