Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life ABC-5787 by Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge

By Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge

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3. , Nose), who comest forth from Khemennu (Hermopolis), I have not done violence to any man. 4. , the cavern where the Nile rises), I have not committed theft. 5. , Stinking face), who comest forth from Restau, I have slain neither man nor woman. 6. , Double Lion−god), who comest forth from heaven, I have not made light the bushel. CHAPTER IV. THE JUDGMENT OF THE DEAD. 37 EGYPTIAN IDEAS OF THE FUTURE LIFE 7. , Fiery eyes), who comest forth from Sekhem (Letopolis), I have not acted deceitfully.

At the time when the hymn was written it is clear that polytheism, not pantheism as some would have it, was in the ascendant, and notwithstanding the fact that the Theban god Amen was gradually being forced to the headship of the companies of the gods of Egypt, we find everywhere the attempt being made to emphasize the view that every god, whether foreign or native, was an aspect or form of Râ. C. 2500. This "hidden" god, for such is the meaning of the CHAPTER III. THE "GODS" OF THE EGYPTIANS. 29 EGYPTIAN IDEAS OF THE FUTURE LIFE name Amen, was essentially a god of the south of Egypt, but when the Theban kings vanquished their foes in the north, and so became masters of the whole country, Amen became a god of the first importance, and the kings of the XVIIIth, XIXth, and XXth dynasties endowed his temples on a lavish scale.

And they had in their hands iron knives, and pointed goads which were like unto sharp spears, and they drove them. into my sides and gnashed upon me with their teeth. When a little time afterwards my eyes were opened I saw death hovering about in the air in its manifold forms, and at that moment angels who were without pity came and dragged my wretched soul from my body, and having tied it under the form of a black horse they led me away to Amenti. Woe be unto every sinner like unto myself who hath been born into the world!

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