Dray Prescott 15 - Secret Scorpio by Alan Burt Akers

By Alan Burt Akers

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An indistinct figure stood impassively staring at me. I could not make out the features, merely a vague blur with deep pits for eyesockets. Clad all in a long robe, dark in the shadows, the figure remained motionless. I knew. Phu-si-Yantong! Yes, this had happened before and I knew it would happen again. As I spied on the Chyyanists so the wizard of Loh spied on me. Somewhere in the forbidding world of Kregen Phu-si-Yantong had placed himself in lupu, in a trancelike state, and his incorporeal body had visited me, spying on me.

It was all a matter of balancing one power group against another, of taking advice and of making laws that would maintain. “But the racters, my Prince! ” The racters, the most powerful party in Vallia, who wore the black and white, held their wealth and positions through high commerce, through land, through slaving, through mining. There were other parties, notably the panvals, who stood against the racters. But all, as I well knew, had their own candidates to take the emperor’s place. “They maneuver the emperor so that he will stand alone.

We leave first thing in the morning,” I said. ” There would be a lot to do before we could leave. Didi would have to be left in good care. A message would have to go to Drak warning him. The Elders of Valka, with Tharu still in control and with Tom as his right-hand man, would carry on as they always did when their strom vanished. But this time their Stromni, the Princess Majestrix, would be absent also. . More and more I could see that Drak was taking over here, and much though I resented it, the circumstances of my life made it inevitable and cruelly precluded me from taking any steps to halt the process of takeover.

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