Drawing Manga Weapons, Vehicles, and Accessories by Anna Southgate

By Anna Southgate

This mesmerizing how-to consultant offers the mandatory options for drawing manga guns, together with a shuriken throwing megastar and dagger, katana sword, a employees, and an arm plasma cannon. Budding artists will grasp drawing autos, corresponding to cellular patrol armor, a revolt buster, a troop-dispersal service, and a cruise send. every one manga function is followed by way of step by step sequences and a comprehensive instance. Examples were drawn from assorted manga sub-genres to supply the main entire evaluation attainable.

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Add a vertical center line. Ink the outline of the patch, the straps of the patch, and the lines of the scar. Draw one eye and eyebrow on the eyeline. Add an eye patch where the second eye would be positioned, taking the strap out to the ear and up over the other eye. Add a nose and mouth. To add to the character’s air of mystery, draw in a black-and-blue scar with lines for the scars of stitches. Then color the eye patch very dark gray. 37 DRAWING MANGA WEAPONS, VEHICLES, AND ACCESSORIES earring Another type of jewelry you can dress your character with are earrings.

Draw a large, circular shape to create the outline of a helmet. Add a horizontal across the forehead and bring this down on both sides to chin level, then round off. Finally, add the line of the base of the visor across the nose and out to both sides. Use a medium nib to ink the outline of the helmet and visor. Then with a thinner pen, ink in stripe details and outline two stars. Finally, ink the eyes, eyebrows, and top of the nose. Color the top of the helmet bright blue, with a pale blue side.

Glove left A thick, chunky glove is an ideal accessory for a fighter or a street character. 41 WEAPONS 42 WEAPONS Weapons play a big part in action stories. As with other aspects of manga, many weapons are recognizable as real, but with elaboration or embellishments, while others are total fantasy or futuristic. Martial arts are common in manga stories, and weapons from these disciplines also appear often. 43 DRAWING MANGA WEAPONS, VEHICLES, AND ACCESSORIES shuriken throwing star Throwing stars like this are used by ninja warriors and martial arts fighters, and are sometimes known as hira shuriken.

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