Documents: Artifacts of Modern Knowledge by Annelise Riles

By Annelise Riles

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1991. Of Revelation and Revolution: Christian- ity, Colonialism, and Consciousness in South Africa. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. -. 1992. Ethnography and the Historical Imagination. Boulder, CO: Westview Press. , and Sunita S. Ahlawat. 1996. Mitigation of Recency Bias in Audit Judgment: The Effect of Documentation. Auditing 15:110-22. Cutler, Anne. 1998. Abstract Body Language: Documenting Women's Bodies in Theatre. New Theatre Quarterly 14:i I I-18. Danet, Brenda. 1997. Books, Letters, Documents: The Changing Aesthetics of Texts in Late Print Culture.

The chapter further draws upon interviews and upon other public NSF documents and memoranda, both in print and on the Web. The core of my ethnographic discussion here has three sections. First is a consideration of the forms themselves as texts and frames: how do they appear visually, what questions do they encourage respondents to address, and how-through both form and language-do they shape the ways in which one can respond? A second section is guided by Harper's instructive Reforming Promise D 47 notion of a document's "career": what kinds of "doings with documents" (1998, 3) recurrently take place within an institution, and how do the doc- uments both derive from and help constitute the work of that institution?

New York: Routledge. Thomas, Nicholas. 1990. Sanitation and Seeing: The Creation of State Power in Early Colonial Fiji. Comparative Studies in Society and History 32:149-70. -. 1992. Material Culture and Colonial Power: Ethnological Collecting and the Establishment of Colonial Rule in Fiji. Man 24:41-56. Thrift, Nigel. 1996. New Urban Eras and Old Technological Fears: Reconfiguring the Goodwill of Electronic Things. Urban Studies 33:1463-93. Tsing, Anna L. 2005. Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection.

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