Dive into Python by Mark Pilgrim

By Mark Pilgrim

* speedy begin to studying python―very instance orientated method

* publication has its personal website confirmed by means of the writer: http://diveintopython.org/

Author is celebrated within the Open resource neighborhood and the publication has a special fast method of studying an item orientated language.

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The Whole Python FAQ has examples of obfuscated one−liners using lambda. 8. Putting it all together The last line of code, the only one we haven't deconstructed yet, is the one that does all the work. But by now the work is easy, because everything we need is already set up just the way we need it. All the dominoes are in place; it's time to knock them down. 25. __doc__))) for method in methodList]) Note that this is one command, split over multiple lines, but it doesn't use the line continuation character ("\").

Data, in the same way that you qualify a function with its module name. To reference a data attribute from within the class, we use self as the qualifier. By convention, all data attributes are initialized to reasonable values in the __init__ method. However, this is not required, since data attributes, like local variables, spring into existence when they are first assigned a value. The update method is a dictionary duplicator: it copies all the keys and values from one dictionary to another. This does not clear the target dictionary first; if the target dictionary already has some keys, the ones from the source dictionary will be overwritten, but others will be left untouched.

Since method is a function, it is callable. 5. Filtering lists As you know, Python has powerful capabilities for mapping lists into other lists, via list comprehensions. This can be combined with a filtering mechanism, where some elements in the list are mapped while others are skipped entirely. 13. List filtering syntax [mapping−expression for element in source−list if filter−expression] This is an extension of the list comprehensions that you know and love. The first two thirds are the same; the last part, starting with the if, is the filter expression.

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