Diseases, pests and disorders of potatoes : a colour by Stuart Wale, Bud Platt, Nigel D. Cattlin

By Stuart Wale, Bud Platt, Nigel D. Cattlin

Masking the real pathogens, this guide offers concise descriptions of the indications and cycles of ailments, their distribution and fiscal significance and recommendation on their keep an eye on. additionally it is 'pest profiles' that establish with using color pictures, the pests that often prey on potato crops.

Covering crucial pathogens, this instruction manual presents transparent, concise descriptions of the indications and cycles of illnesses, their distribution and financial significance and recommendation on their keep watch over. The textual content is illustrated with over 250 excellent color images of affected vegetation to assist within the fast identity of ailments. The ebook additionally contains 'pest profiles' that determine with using color photos, the pests that usually prey on potato crops. Read more...

content material: Bacterial ailments --
Fungal and fungal-like ailments --
Virus and phytoplasma illnesses --
Nematodes --
bugs and different pests --
Non-infectious disorders

This illustrated instruction manual offers transparent, concise descriptions of the indicators and cycles of illnesses and issues, and the pests that usually prey on potato vegetation, their distribution and Read more...

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Cinerea lesion on a tuber. 32 D ISEASES , D ISORDERS AND P ESTS OF P OTATOES G REY M OULD Status of the disease B. cinerea has a wide host range and infects many types of vegetable, fruit and ornamental plants worldwide. In general, grey mould is not an economically important disease of potatoes. However, it can contribute to poor crop growth and the establishment of other diseases. Grey mould can also contribute to difficulties in assessing proper disease management strategies, since its symptoms are similar to those of other diseases such as late blight (see page 48).

Eumartii occurs in the root elongation zone and may be enhanced where nematodes are also attacking the roots. The pathogen spreads up the vascular tissue, often in the form of microconidia. Wilting is a result of blocking of the vascular tissue. Infection of stems by F. eumartii can also occur from infected mother tubers/seed pieces. By contrast, F. javanicum only occurs from infected mother tubers. Inoculum can be introduced to a location by planting contaminated seed or where soil containing resting spores is spread on farm machinery, by wind and by irrigation, etc.

Key references ROOTS AND STOLONS: Distinct symptoms are rarely observed. TUBERS: The presence of violet or purple-brown mycelium on the tuber surface is diagnostic (44). This pigmented mycelium grows sparsely but evenly on the tuber surface and coalesces to form branched, root-like 44 44 Tuber symptoms of violet root rot. V IOLET R OOT R OT Boyd, A. E. W. (1952) Dry rot disease of the potato. Annals of Applied Biology, 39: 322–357. Boyd, A. E. W. (1972) Potato storage diseases. Review of Plant Pathology, 51: 279–321.

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